Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we regularly get asked, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, why not give one of our trainers a call on 0870 760 7360

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Great to hear you're so keen! We start taking bookings once the following season dates are on our website. We aim for this to be at the end of February.

No, just 5 evening meals as an optional part of the residential course package.

On all of our residential courses, ICE organise a transfer to and from the airport at a scheduled time. This is included as part of the course fee. It is the students responsibility to make their way to Geneva airport.

Return transfers at the end of a course are organised. This includes; the 4 week, 5 week, 6 week, and 10 week courses. These are arranged during the season and your winter resort managers will let you know the details near the time. If you choose to stay beyond the end of your chosen course, it is then your responsibility to pay for and organise your transfer from resort. 

Weekend meals, breakfast, lunch, flights, equipment, insurance & exam resits are not included. 

Once you have booked onto a course with ICE, you will gain access to the 'ICE Members Area' which contains information on insurance. We recommend choosing insurance that covers curtailment (i.e getting back to the UK in the event of an injury.)

The ski pass in an 'Espace Killy' pass which includes all of Val d'Isere and Tignes. This means that there is access to 300km of on piste skiing! 

All of our courses are 90 days or less, so a visa of this type is not required. If you are however completing the BASI Level 3 ISIA course, and would like to stay out in resort for the exams at the end of the season, then you will need to apply for this visa.

Please note: these circumstances are subject to change with the EU, Brexit and Covid-19 situations. Things are contantly changing and developing so if you'd like to speak to one of the team, get in touch and we can offer you as much advice as possible.

When skiing for an extended period such as this, it is no longer really practical to hire equipment. We would recommend that you buy your own skis and ski boots. However, you will be able to benefit from discounted prices available through our sponsors Dynastar and Lange  as well as partner organisations in town when you get to resort. During the first week of the extended courses, our staff are on hand to provide expert advice to make sure you buy the right equipment for you and the course you are on.

Unsure about what equipment to buy? Check out our Equipment page on the website which has everything you need to know about choosing. 

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us if you're stuck!



No, the accommodation (Pierre et Vacances) will provide these and they can be changed on a weekly basis. This also includes kitchen towels and a bath matt.

All of the apartments are equiped for self-catering. This  means that they all come equipped with saucepans/crockery/cutlery etc. 

Apartments include; a fridge/freezer, dishwasher, coffee machine, microwave/hob & sink.

The standard is 3 people sharing. There is an opportunity to upgrade to just 2 people sharing depending on availability. This will be confirmed nearer the course start date and will come at an aditional cost. If you have booked onto one of our course and wish to share with someone specific, make sure to let us know as soon as possible so that we can do our best to accomodate your request.

The 'Commercial Centre' which is located just across the road from the residential accomodation (Pierre et Vacances) in La Daille.

There is a 24hr Laundrette here that includes 3 washing machines and 1 tumble dryer. (Top tip! It is quiet in the morning so that is the best time to go.) Alternatively, if you are living in the centre of town - there is another laundrette which is slightly larger.


BASI and the Qualification

The minimum required to work abroad is the BASI Level 2 qualification. Level 2 instructors find work all over the world in places such as; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, USA, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Argentina. To complete the Level 2 have a look at the BASI pathway to see what is involved.

BASI - The British Association of Snowsport Instructors - is the governing body responsible for the training and grading of British ski/snowboard instructors. There are four BASI Levels in the pathway.

A BASI qualification allows you to teach anywhere in the world, including Europe, New Zealand and the Americas. Whilst you have to be a BASI Level 4 ISTD with the Eurotest in order to work in France, you can work elsewhere with a BASI Level 2 qualification, and ICE can help you find employment in Europe or elsewhere with your qualifications which will allow you to teach during university holidays etc. This is where BASI has the edge over the American, Canadian and New Zealand qualifications which are not recognised in Europe. For more information, contact our instructors at or call one of them on +44 (0) 870 760 7360. 

The levels for qualification are set by BASI and upheld by the training staff at ICE (who are all BASI trainers themselves). Therefore, a qualification to any level cannot be guaranteed. That being said, with the very best training  and preparation from ICE, the opportunity to achieve it is even greater. We are the only company who only use BASI Level 4 examiners for all of our training courses. You will have the best understanding of the standard required before you go into the exam. 

If you are successful on the Level 2 instructor course, then your job prospects are excellent. Through our knowledge of the ski industry, and extensive conatcts around the world, we can help you find employment on a week to week basis, or for the season depending on your commitments.

A career in the mountains is unbeatable in our opinion!


Course Specific

There are many providers who run ski instructor courses, however when you book a course with ICE, you book a course with the people who actually do the training and the assessing. ICE is run by instructors for instructors. We are an official BASI training centre. Looking to do one of our masterclass courses? These are run by the same BASI Level 4 instructors with years of experience in the business so you will be in good hands. Want to find out more reasons to choose ICE why not visit our 'Why choose ICE?' page. 

We cater for a large range of abilities since there are many groups on the course. Because of this, if you are already a good skier you will be pushed with other good skiers around you. Our trainers train and assess to the highest level in the BASI pathway so there is no ceiling to your improvement. Similarly, if you are an inexperienced skier, you will be in a group with similar abilities as you. So your needs will be met in this respect too. People have attended the course with as little as 1-2 weeks experience and have still achieved the level through hard work and commitment to the programme. 

If you are someone who is this inexperienced or maybe even a beginner, please reach out to one of our trainers with any questions you may have.

It will depend on when during the season you are attending the course. If you are here for the start of the season, there are usually around 80 people and this number tails off towards the end of the seaon once the Level 1 & 2 courses are finished.

Our Level 1 & 2 courses are large course; the largest of there kind. This means that there is a big range of ages, nationalities and abilities. Because of the numbers, we will always be able to fit you into a group that not only suits you, but which suits your social surroundings. There are always some 'older' people on the course to chat with and there is certainly no age limit.

The courses are identical except the full time course involves training on all weekdays (15hrs) in the middle 6 weeks of the course as opposed to 2 afternoons a week on the part time course (6hrs.) Both courses culminate in the BASI ski/snowboard Level 2 licence. The choice as to which course to do lies with you and is dependant on how you wish to structure your further development in the middle 6 weeks of the course. If you are happy to work on your skiing on your own or with friends and to have your progress monitored by the trainers twice a week then go for the part time course. If you would rather do your training sessions in the group enviroment with the trainers everyday, then go for the full time course. If you are unsure, then please feel free to call one of the trainers for advice on 0870 760 7360.

We recommend you buying the following equipment for the course... Some of this equipment is possible to hire either in Val d'Isere or Tignes but there is limited stock and you don't want to miss out as you may not be able to complete the course without it. Have a look at the BASI pro deals as you will be able to find discounts on lots of these items;

  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Tranceiver (Ortovox & Mammut are good brands.)
  • Rucksack - Minimum 25 litres, enough space to carry the equipment above as well as; water, lunch, additional layers you may remove or add during a tour.
  • Compass - We would recommend buying this before you arrive. You can buy them in resort, but they can be tricky to find.
  • Map - These can be found in resort at any of the local supermarkets in town.

The following equipment can be hired in resort although if you want to do some touring in your own time, it may be best to purchase your own equipment; Touring skis, Poles, Skins, Crampons & Touring Boots - if you are using touring skis with pin bindings which are usually what are used, your normal ski boots are unlikely to fit them.