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Snowsports Employment

Employment post-Brexit.
The situation for working in Europe is constantly evolving following Brexit. Individual countries recognition of the BASI qualifications is undergoing a period of change as the EU and the UK forge their new relations. For the most up to date information on whether a particular level of the BASI qualification is recognised, it is best to contact the BASI office directly at basi@basi.org.uk or 01479 861 717. For the latest update on the right to work and long-term visas to work in Europe, please visit the government page here.


Qualification Required

We have received notification of the working regulations required to work in the autonomous region of Trentino in Italy.

  • BASI Levels 3 & 4 - can work independently with clients for the maximum of a two- week period. 
  • BASI Level 2 can work for the maximum of a 7 - week period within recognised Trentino ski schools.

The paperwork... Any Member wishing to work in Trentino must  submit  a prior declaration of temporary and/or occasional occupation as a ski instructor. You can find the declaration form here. You will also have to submit the following evidence:
- Copy of  your ID card/ passport
- Copy of valid BASI full licence;
- Copy of a PERSONAL valid insurance covering at least €1M (BASI members can use the BASI public liability insurance included with full membership);
- Criminal record and pending charges certificate;
- Self-declaration of Italian language skill

Other Information

As Italy is a member of the EU, work permits are not required.

Gaining Equivalence

For those members who have been issued an MoU stamp, you can apply for equivalence to the Maestro di Sci Italiano by completing this form. In addition to completing the form, you're required to provide evidence that you've paid the €32 stamp duty. This duty is for those who do not have residency status in Italy.  To be able to complete the form you will need to have competence in the Italian language. Once you have completed the form there is an option to scan this along with all associated documents required and send to the email address at the top of the form.


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