Ryding high on 2nd place!

It's official, Dave Ryding is now the most successful alpine World Cup skier in Britain's history. Second place in Kitzbühel a couple of years ago and now in now Ryding makes history in Oslo on New Years Day with a second again. Matched with Marcel Hirscher in the semi-final, Ryding held his nerve and stole the win. Meeting Marco Schwarz in the final knowing that second place was in the bag, Dave was elated, however a slow start allowed Marco the lead putting great pressure on Ryding, he jettisoned and caught up, but skiing on a knife edge forced an error and Marco took first place.
"I'll look back at the end of my career and see where I'm at, but I just want to keep working, keep learning, keep getting better and maybe - you never know - maybe go that one step more," Ryding said.
YouTube video by FIS Alpine 

Posted: 04/01/2019