ICE BASI student returns as BASI Trainer!

Great news for ICE and a warm welcome to our new BASI Trainer Dougie Mill! We have trained over 2000 students at ICE and recommended and helped the majority to pursue skiing jobs within the ski industry after completing their courses.  Rupert Tildesley trained Dougie on an ICE course many years ago, Dougie is the first student to make it all the way through and come back and deliver a course for ICE.
Sometimes we spot high achieving students who have natural ability in their personality to communicate their expertise in skiing and command technical attention on the slopes, Dougie Mill was one of them. We are very lucky to have him on our team. When we asked Dougie why choose to come back to ICE he said " the professionalism of the courses they offer. The guys who run ICE are exceptional at what they do. They are some of the best instructors in Britain, but most of all great guys and easy going."
The great advantage that Dougie has to offer trainees is that he knows and totally understands what it is like to be in their shoes, so not only can he provide expert teaching advice he can emphasis with living and learning in the ski industry. Dougie's top tips "prepare yourself like an athlete, the more prepared your body is the better you'll preform. You'll also find it better to think mentally when you’re not over fatigued. Save the partying for Friday nights, you're not going to get much out of skiing hungover or be switched on to understand what's being asked of You"

When asked, what were his highlights of his first course as a student of ICE, he replied "A few highlights of my time on courses with Tildesley and Mark, getting to race Rupert during the level 2 courses, being really pushed to ski moguls and understanding the skills needed to ski them. When I did the level 3 technical with Mark and we had a 360 competition between the group when skiing the variables."
When Dougie went on an ICE course at the time he was studying sports coaching and worked with a couple of the Scottish ski race clubs. He never thought he would become a trainer or run an ICE course or live in Val d'Isere. Since his initial course, he has advanced up the ranks in BASI and held several skiing roles. Recently Dougie started working with the British Disabled Snowsports team as an assistant coach. He earned this role after being invited to coach in Norway this summer where he showed his versatility and adaptability in his coaching styles for very different learner needs.
Skiing does have its ups and downs and Dougie's worst skiing incident happened 15 days after completing the ISTD qualification, but on the up side it was 15 days after and not before! He was resilient and continued to ski and when asked what Dougie's best skiing moments are "Being in an amazing environment, meeting people from different walks of life. Best of all, enjoying getting up and going to work and no matter the standard of skier, introducing them to new aspects of skiing and mountain life." 
We can't wait for Dougie to join us teaching BASI 1 this season and if you are one of Dougie's lucky students I am sure you will all agree!
Good luck and great to have you on-board the team!
Photo credit: Adrian Myers

Posted: 27/01/2017