Winter Olympics - What's on and when?

With just over a week to go, I can't wait! The opening ceremony starts on 9th Feb, then what next? For Alpine Ski, Freestyle and Snowboard it all starts on the 11th Feb with the Men's Downhill at Jeongseon Alpine Centre, ladies moguls and Slopestyle at Pheonix Park. 
11th Feb - Men's Downhill, 
12th Feb - Ladies Giant Slalom, Men's Alpine Combined Downhill
13th Feb -  Men's Alpine Combined Downhill and Slalom
14th Feb - Ladies Slalom
15th Feb - Men's Super G
16th Feb - Ladies Super G
17th Feb - Men's Giant Slalom, 
21st Feb - Ladies Downhill
22nd Feb - Men's Slalom, Ladies Alpine Combined, Men's Slalom
23rd Feb - Ladies Alpine Combined Downhill and Slalom
24th Feb - Alpine Team Event 
11th Feb - Ladies Moguls
12th Feb - Men's Moguls
16th Feb - Ladies Aerials 
17th Feb - Ladies Ski Slopestyle
18th Feb - Men's Aerials, Men's Ski Slopestyle
20th Feb - Ladies Ski Halfpipe
21st Feb - Men's Ski Cross 
22nd Feb - Men's Ski Halfpipe 
23rd Feb - Ladies Ski Cross
11th Feb - Men's Slopestyle
12th Feb - Ladies Slopestyle
13th Feb - Ladies Halfpipe 
14th Feb - Men's Halfpipe 
15th Feb - Men's Snowboard Cross
16th Feb - Ladies Snowboard Cross
19th Feb - Ladies Big Air
21st Feb - Men's Big Air
22nd Feb - Ladies Parallel Slalom, Men's Parallel Slalom
23rd Feb - Ladies Big Air
24th Feb - Men's Big Air, Ladies Parallel giant Slalom, Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
More information regarding start times can be found at  

Posted: 31/01/2018